Welcome to yum.

Hi, pretty soul :)

This is a place found by my thoughts and emotions eager to get out and spread themselves online for liberation and goodness-is-supposed-to-be-shared purposes. I Love. I dance. I dance because of the overwhelming freedom that captures & releases me during it. What I also love is the music industry revolving around 90’s rooted RnB and ‘soft’ hip hop with a little stroke of Soul, Funk and all the new soulful vibes in between.

So the outcome of this mix and match recipe is a three-course meal.

For starters – music that gets to me. The lid coming off the main course reveals dancing related material. Under a thought-frosting of mine lies the dessert which consists of anything that I find inspirational. And hopefully further on inspires You as well.

Simple enough. Take a bite, if you like.

For some extra (rather sweet) toppings:


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